Secrets to Better Golf
Flex Program

eBook Secrets to better Golf

10 exercises to help you play better golf at your highest level with out pain

I'm here to give you some answers. Yes, you can play better golf. Yes, you can hit longer drives. Yes you can play golf for the rest of your life.

I've found that despite demanding workouts, many over train specific body parts creating muscle imbalances, that result in swing faults and lousy golf. This program will help you build core strength; stronger, hips abdominals and buttocks. Thus, you will depend less on your arms and shoulders, and more on your hips and torso as prescribed by golf experts. This means less injuries, longer drives and lower scores.

These simple exercises will get you in top shape for golf, while improving your game and making you a better golfer. Isn't it time you found a smart, yet quick workout.

Pick up my easy to follow exercise program
and in no time, you'll be driving the ball farther and playing as
much golf as you like, pain free, and at your highest level.


Flex Sample Pages Sample PAge #38 Sample Page #39
29 page book

Big Colorful illustrations

Easy to follow instruction

Easy to fit into your busy schedule

10 exercises, plus bonus warm up exercises

That's a total of 11 easy to perform exercises

Recommend performing Program 2-3 times per week

Price $14.95



Host of the TV show Skinny Jeans Forever and owner of Scoop on Pilates, L.L.C.

Nancy is one of Western Pennsylvania's most sought after trainers and fitness for golf consultants. A certified trainer, fitness consultant and pilates instructor for over a decade. She is the host of her own fitness show, the creator of Skinny Jeans Forever dvds, and writes for many publications.

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Client Testimonial

"Since training with her, I have seen increased yardage, more consistency in the ball flight and I just feel better about my physicial condition." - Mark Giaquinto