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What is Pilates?
Pilates (pronounced "puh-LAH-tees") is a total body workout. This mind-body exercise was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1920s. The primary focus of these exercises is on the abdomen, lower back, hips and buttocks, which comprise the center ("powerhouse") of the body. Specific breathing is used to engage the deeper muscles of the core, release stress and boost energy. The method consists of a sequence of carefully performed movements, carried out on a mat or special equipment. The pilates method incorporates the stretching benefits of a yoga class with the strength training benefits from the gym. Each exercise effectively strengthens and stretches the muscles to create balance and symmetry in the body. Posture, concentration and precision in movement are emphasized. Pilates corrects muscle imbalances, rehabilitates aching backs and releases tension in the joints for a rejuvenating effect. Back

What makes Pilates different from traditional gym exercises?
In Pilates, you emphasize correct form rather than going for the burn. The quality of each exercise is critical. Unlike other exercise programs, Pilates does not require the mindless repetition of boring exercises that most people tire of quickly and eventually abandon. Over time participants build on experience and are constantly challenging and improving their flexibility and muscle control through focus and practice. This makes the exercise rewarding and fun as the student continually masters control and fluidity in all movements. Back

What are the types of Pilates classes?
There are mat classes that appear similar to Yoga, but the participants experience a continuous flow of movement, instead of holding a static pose like in a Yoga class. Pilates focuses on working both the front and back of the body. The buttocks and legs are worked in all directions. Free weights, Physio balls, foam rollers, tubing and pilates circles are used to challenge balance and control and create greater strength gains for participants. Our classes begin with a gentle stretch, followed by free weight exercises, mat work and a gentle warm down. Sports specific classes such as Cross Training for Golfers are effective to increase power and improve the swing. Pilates is a technique for moving in a way that is the most natural, efficient and pain free. It is not a group of exercises, but a certain way we move in life. And best of all we take these methods right onto the course. These pilates exercises are designed specifically to improve the biomechanics needed for a great swing, plus we modify many of the exercises for easier execution by men. However, there are also Reformer classes, which involve machines called the Reformer or the Cadillac. This apparatus is effective for those rehabilitating from an injury who can use the machine's straps and pulleys to assist them as they gain core strength. However equipment, such as the reformer can also create additional resistance and a greater stretch for fitter individuals, through the use of tension cords attached to a sliding table. Foot and hand straps are also used. These classes are more expensive due to the equipment and space requirements, and are not offered at this time. Back

Where can I try these classes?

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The classes make me feel as if I've just had a chiropractic adjustment. " - Dan Burgman