Small Group Training and Barre Classes

For the 40+ Woman

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Are you struggling to stay in your Skinny Jeans?

I can help...

My mission is to help women get into their "Skinny Jeans" while enjoying a fitness experience in the spirit of friendship and fun!
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Here's what my clients are saying about Booty Barre and Pilates...

Having Fun with Booty Barre

"I’m so thrilled that Booty Barre has made it's way to my community! It was an energizing, easy-to-follow class that I truly enjoyed. Coupled with Nancy's Pilates classes, I will surely get the results (booty) I desire!" Darcy Henderson in Venetia

Work With Nancy

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It works, Kate Stanton of USC lost 4 ¾" and 10 pounds

Kate Stanton
"I received more support, advice, and healthy menu ideas to help cut calories and make better choices. Nancy made herself available daily, if I needed her. The workout was worth it too! Nancy knew her clients well and prepared a variety of strength and cardio routines each week. She also planned and was prepared for modifications for us if needed. I have learned many new ways to strengthen my body and the results are phenomenal! Nancy continues to check in with me and offer the motivation and support I need. Nancy rocks!" Kate Stanton, USC

If you want to experience a totally new ballet inspired workout and are looking for an encouraging fun place to do it… my classes are for you. I want to get to know you and encourage you to live a healthier life.
Let’s do it together!

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With Nancy's personal training sessions, in addition to our company’s group Pilates meetings, I have dropped multiple inches and pant sizes. In return, these improvements have also encouraged me to make healthier eating choices. When I meet with friends that I have not seen in a while, their responses are always the same: "You look thinner! You look taller! You look younger!" This positive feedback proves that I am not the only one noticing these changes – so is everyone else. In addition, there has been an extreme transformation in my posture and flexibility, which is tremendously important because I suffer from a past leg injury. More importantly, exercising no longer feels like a burden to me; instead, I look forward to it. Each session with Nancy is full of laughs and stress relief, in addition to an excellent work out. Never have I felt more energized, alert, and motivated than I do after each meeting with Nancy. I have always heard the saying, "If you look good, you feel good," and with Nancy’s help, I certainly believe statements like this to be true. Dawn R.

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Client Testimonial

“I have lost over 12 pounds, dropped multiple inches and 3 pant sizes!” - Kiyomi in McMurray

"I love Nancy's training because she keeps us on track and helps us to make healthier choices. She's full of positive energy and keeps us laughing and moving throughout are time with her! She invests time and energy into each of her clients and it shows with lbs and inches lost!" - Melissa in Venetia