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Golf Classes available on request at your club or organization.

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A great golf swing requires balance, stability, flexibility and power. Golf Pilates for Golfers with Nancy Griffin will allow you to achieve a high level of athletic conditioning that is golf specific. Training will increase core strength, enhance balance and improve the bio-mechanics of your golf swing.

What are the benefits of Pilates for Golfers?
  • Core strength, abdominal muscles, back and buttocks, will be emphasized as you build strength and muscle endurance from the inside out.
  • Smaller muscles of the extremities such as the shoulder, wrist and ankle will be strengthened and lengthened to prevent injury.
How do we start?
  • Identify swing faults and muscle imbalances.
  • Prescribe corrective stretches to restore muscle balance.
  • Overtime muscles are lengthened and strengthened to:
    • Increase torque to add 15 yards to your long game
    • Reduce injury
    • Improve endurance

Contact Nancy to schedule your introduction to Pilates for Golfers which will include a one hour consultation and flexibility assessment. After getting started, Nancy will design a unique program to get your game on target!

"I was surprised how the additional flexibility and balance I gained from training with Nancy translated into additional distance on my drives and a more consistent ball flight." - Mark


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Client Testimonial

"This year I cut more than 20 strokes off my golf game. I can attribute about 10 of those strokes to improved flexibility and balance which was a result of doing Pilates Cross- training with Nancy Griffin." - Jim

"Pilates is the ultimate all around exercise for golf conditioning. Nancy instructed in a way that held my interest and started me in the right direction." - Mike Herrle